Your Sign to Success

More Than Just a Sign

Aware Sign* is a smart device which can  display information to your clients in a business.  For example you can use this to display business operating Hours. Along with other relevant information which is updatable remotely.

But wait! it does lot more than this. It interfaces with multitude of sensors and cameras to help you monitor and manage your premises. 

*Patent Pending


Sample sign display. Highlights the current day, and based on the Time and if Store is open or closed can automatically display relevant offers to the client to increase retention even when your business is closed.

A Sign which not only communicates with your clients but also communicates with you…

With number of sensors installed with the sign it can, for example, monitor door opening and closing through out the day.  It can detect when the store is locked or unlocked. It has a temperature sensor so it can take periodic temperature measurements. It has a motion sensor as well as a camera and ability to monitor number of additional sensors.

Well you may be thinking why do I need all this? Let us explain.

If you are operating or managing a small business the following questions are things you deal with every day:

Until now there was no good way of finding the above information with out extensive manual effort. That is where the Aware Sign comes in with its smart capabilities. Following are some of the current capabilities of Aware Sign and we are working on adding even more in coming days. 

  • Are correct operating times posted on the door?
  • Is my store open on time? i.e. employee has shown up and opened the store?
    • Did my employee turn the open sign on?
  • Is the door unlocked when store is open and locked when store is closed?
    • Is anyone coming in store after hours?
    • OSHA compliance requires the store to be unlocked during business hours
  • What times should I operate my business?
    • What does my customer traffic look like
  • Is my thermostat setup properly to work during operating hours?
  • Are my lights (and other equipment) shut down when the store is closed?
  • Are employee clock in/out times accurate?
  • Who is coming in and out of my premises?
  • What is the conversion rate of client traffic to customers?

Aware Sign Capabilities

 Door Monitor

  • Sound alert: when door is opened: Chime or a Recorded voice greeting
    • Will not play it more than 1 time every X minutes, to reduce annoyance
  • Mobile Alerts (can be turned on or off)
    • Door opened first time in the day
    • Door opened during non business hours
  • Logs Door activity
  • Sound alert if door is left opened continuously for X number of minutes


  • Displays scheduled store hours for the week
    • Is remotely updatable
  • Displays messages based on if store is open or closed
    • Open – Bring the client in for example “Come on in we are open now. No wait!”
    • Special of the hour: take additional $10 off now
  • Closed – Try to retain your client – don’t just turn them away! for example
    • “The store is closed but our Store 2 miles away is opened until 9pm. (message will change to below after 9pm)” Or you can display “Sorry we missed you. Take $20 off when you come in tomorrow. Picture of this sign is your Coupon. You can also setup appointment by going to our website”
  • Because display is based on a standard browser any thing which can be displayed on a web browser can be displayed easily including audio, video, animation etc. and can be updated based on any number of conditions

Temperature Monitoring

  • Logs Temperature every X minutes
  • Displays Daily or Weekly Temperature Data
  • Alerts can be setup if temperature is above or below a threshold
  • In addition to Work space additional monitors can be added to monitor appliances such as fridge, ice cream/meat freezer etc.


Other Capabilities

  • Motion Sensor – Alerts if motions is detected during close time inside the store
  • Camera
    • Takes picture of the inside when door is opened and keeps a log
    • Takes picture on remote request
  • Remotely turn Open Sign or or other devices attached to smart receptacle on and off

Some Everyday Use Scenarios

My Employee is late to work

Aware Sign will message you that your store has not been opened yet and allow you to update the message on the display so for example you can display “store opening at 10:30 today”. When the employee comes in the sign will message you, automatically turn on the open sign and change the display message

Motion is Detected After Hours or Door is opened or unlocked

Aware Sign will message you that door is opened after hours or has been unlocked, in addtion it will take picture and send it to you. 

Store closed due to inclement weather

You can remotely update the sign to inform your clients and also offer a promotion to increase client retention.


Example of Messages recieved on a mobile phone sent by Aware Sign


Determined to create something better, our company was formed to help small businesses reach that next level of efficiency and connectivity all at an affordable price with no learning curve. If you can text message you already know how to use Aware Sign. With a unique messaging interface you actually message it just like you message your friends and it messages you alerts in real time.

Our Goal is to help small business owners deal with everyday challenges while maximizing efficiency. We believe that our device is uniquely positoned to help achive this.